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Paul Calls Christ A Liar
Thursday, June 6, 2013 9:22
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According to the false apostle Pharisee Paul, Christ lied:

Romans 11:30-32    In times past the Gentiles did not believe God, yet now have obtained God’s mercy through the unbelief of the Jews … God has concluded all of the Jews in unbelief that he might have mercy upon all

What the Pharisee is stating in the foregoing passage is essentially that Christ lied to the Jews in order that they be in unbelief to what Pharisee Paul says is the true gospel, his gospel!

Galatians 2:7  Pharisee Paul terms his gospel, UN-Circumcision

Romans 15:8  Pharisee Paul terms Christ’s gospel, Circumcision

How is it that the Benjaminite Jew, Pharisee Paul, is not in unbelief as well, seeing that he is a JEW and that he says God put ALL JEWS are in unbelief?  

Acts 23:6  I am a Pharisee and the Son of a Pharisee

Philippians 3:5  I am of the tribe of Benjamin, a Pharisee

Why did the Benjaminite Pharisee Paul tell Jews that he is spreading a lie (Romans 3:7)?  When arguing with Jews who say follow God’s law, Pharisee Paul admits to them they are right by stating:  is not the truth of God being spread by my lie?  

As to Romans 11:30-32, again the evil Pharisee Paul declares Christ taught a lying gospel so that God can have mercy on everyone, being that God was pleased to have all the Jews in unbelief to the truth and have the Gentiles believe the truth instead, which truth Paul claims is his gospel of UN-Circumcision.   People who believe the lie in Romans 11:30-32 are on their way to Hell, they are the children of Hell (Matthew 23:15).   They do not know Christ and Christ does not know them (Matthew 7:22-23).  To call Christ a liar is blasphemy and the false apostle Pharisee Paul and those who adopt his gospel of UN-Circumcision call Christ a liar!  

Is it true that Gentiles in the past did not believe God?  Again, Pharisee Paul shows himself to be a liar for the Gentiles of Nineveh believed on God and they repented of evil deeds by ceasing evil deeds and God let them live (Jonah 3:10).  Naaman the Syrian, a Gentile, believed on God (2 Kings Ch. 5).  The father-in-law and wife of Moses, Jethro and Zipporah, were both Gentiles (Midianites), and they believed on the Lord!  There were Gentiles who sojourned and dwelt with Jews and they believed on the Lord!  So it is yet another lie from the false apostle Pharisee Paul that Gentiles did not believe on God in the past. 

So the anti-Christ false apostle Pharisee Paul says God delights in having Jews in unbelief and he has put them all in unbelief so that he can have mercy on both Jews and Gentiles.   Leave it to a man of Satan, Pharisee Paul, to call God the Father a liar, to call God the Son a liar, to say God loves to have the Jews in derision. 

It is a lie of the false apostle that his gospel is the true gospel, and that gospel of Christ is a lie.   Christ was the Word in the flesh, and he is the one who was dead but is alive forever (Rev. 1:18).   Christ taught all truth while in the flesh and from Heaven, in his state of being alive for evermore, he tells all that they are blessed if they keep God’s commandments (Rev. 22:14), which is the same as he taught on earth (Matthew 5:17-20), and which is the same gospel he told his apostles to take to all nations (Matthew 10:18, 24:14, 28:19, Rev. 14:6).

The false apostle Pharisee Paul says that God has put all Jews in unbelief to the truth, which truth he claims is his gospel of UN-Circumcision and Christ’s gospel of Circumcision is a lie.  One Jew exempted (Paul), another Jew falsely alleged to have adopted Paul’s gospel exempted, Peter.   Yet another Jew, Barnabus, allegedly exempted from God’s lot for the Jews – have them all in unbelief to Paul’s gospel.  More exemptions to the “all Jews in unbelief”, for Pharisee Paul says that the Gentiles have been made partakers in their spiritual things, so it is their duty to give them money, and he speaks of Jews who are preaching the gospel of Pharisee Paul (Romans 15:27).   Pharisee Paul taught Gentiles that they are Jews if they believe on Paul’s gospel and that God removed some Jews in order to stick in the Gentiles, and the analogy Pharisee Paul uses is a tree.  The tree is the Jewish spiritual life, and some of the branches were broken off to make room for Gentiles, according to Pharisee Paul (Romans 11:17).

Romans 11:20-23   Because of the Jews’ unbelief the Jews were broken off … Behold the goodness and severity of God, severity on them which were broken off … And the Jew also, if they do not abide in unbelief, shall be grated in ….

In the foregoing passage, Pharisee Paul say if the Jews will stop abiding in unbelief, God will not behave so severely toward them and graft them back in.   But why is God punishing the Jews when according to Pharisee Paul it is God who made all Jews be in unbelief to Paul’s gospel by having Christ preach a false gospel and that it pleased God to have Jews in unbelief to Paul’s gospel in order that God can have mercy on both Jews and Gentiles!

Too few people who  claim to be of Christ really love the Lord.  Instead, they cling to a Pharisee (Matthew 7:22-23).  And if bibles never existed and all we had were the individual writings of the Jews of the Lord who recorded the gospel of Christ, the evil children of Hell converts to Pharisee Paul would have no cover to hide under in claiming that the writings of Paul and the fellow Pharisees of Paul are of God because they are in bibles, as said writings are so blatantly not of God!  The belief that bibles are all the word of God has been so indoctrinated that it is considered heresy to state that bibles are not all the word of God.  When the first bible was commissioned in 625 a.d. at the Council of Nicea with Roman Emperor Constantine presiding, it was later made a crime punishable by Constantine’s government to deny that the bible was all the word of God!  Wake up people, the Roman Empire decreed believe in the bible as being all the word of God or be punished under law.    Because it has been so indoctrinated among Gentiles that bibles are all the word of God, many choose to believe on their bibles rather than believe on Christ so they accept the false gospel of the false apostle Pharisee Paul because his gospel is in all four bibles (Catholic, Orthodox, Ethiopian and Protestant).  And the Roman Empire stood with the Pharisees because Paul’s gospel is one of total subjugation of Gentiles to government and to church (Romans Ch. 13, Hebrews 13:7, 13:17).  And Paul’s gospel is a reaping of wealth (Romans 15:27).  No doubt that the Pharisees had to share some of that wealth they reaped from Gentiles with Constantine.  Eventually, the Gentile churches evolved into the Roman Catholic church which often throughout its almost 1600 years of supreme power held even greater power than the secular rulers.

People such as, Chuck Baldwin, Stan Deyo, Steve Quayle, Walter Veith, Constance Cumby, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Russ Disdar, Paul Begley, Scott Johnson, Eric Phelps and Bill Deagle  – they are all children of Hell converts to the false gospel of Pharisee Paul and way too intelligent to not see the truth that Pharisee Paul’s gospel is opposite the gospel of Christ, but rather they accept that Pharisee Paul teaches truth and Christ taught a lie for the purpose of God putting all Jews in unbelief so that God could have mercy on Jews and Gentiles!   The children of Hell converts to the gospel of Pharisee Paul are lovers of lies and so they prefer to claim that bibles are all the word of God, that the false apostle Pharisee Paul was an apostle of Christ.   

Churches are big, big business and without Paul’s gospel, there would be no Gentile church.   No where in the one writing of Matthew and five writings of John is there any Gentile altar created, Gentile church system of lay people with spiritual rulers over them created, or the Gentile Eucharist created!   All of the foregoing are strictly the creations of the Pharisees via their writings.   In other words, the Gentile churches are all founded on the doctrine of the men of Satan, the Pharisees (John 8:44, Acts 23:6).  See Hebrews 13:10, 13:17 and Romans 15:27, the creation of the Gentile churches! 

The Roman Catholic church is Mystery, Babylon the Great, and the harlots she spawned are all the other Gentile church denominations.  I say she spawned, because God says she is the mother of all harlots, and indeed all the Gentile churches are founded on the same doctrine as the Roman Catholic church, the false gospel of the false apostle Pharisee Paul.  See Revelation Chapters 17 and 18.

The Chinese people are being pursed by Rome, and so far the Chinese leaders have rejected Vatican’s plea for diplomatic relations and the right to appoint its own priests to the Chinese Catholic churches.  Chinese people, reject the false gospel of Pharisee Paul, get out of the churches, do not bend knee to the church altars, do not take the Eucharist.   Serve Christ by adhering to his gospel as recorded by Matthew and John.

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